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How to get a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go

Published: 5/May/2021 16:53

by Lauren Bergin


Evolving some of Pokemon Go’s most iconic creatures means you’ll have to have a Sun Stone, so here’s how to get the rare item. 

As every Pokemon fan knows, some of our favorite creatures require a little more than just levelling to make them evolve into stronger variations of themselves.

Yes, we’re talking about Evolution Items. Arguably easier to come by in normal Pokemon games, Niantic’s Pokemon Go has made securing one of these rare items a pretty difficult task.

One of these is the Sun Stone, which is key to evolving some of our favorite ‘Mons. So, this is how to get it in Pokemon Go.


Whimsicott Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
If you fancy snagging yourself a Whimsicott in Pokemon Go you’ll need a Sun Stone to do so.

How to get a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go

Grabbing yourself a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go sadly isn’t the easiest process in the world but, with some time and patience, you might be rewarded.

Sun Stones can only be acquired through spinning Pokestops and gyms. With a pretty measly 1% drop rate, getting your hands on one of the stones is a pretty difficult task. Matters are made worse by the fact that they drop alongside the game’s other evolution items, making your chances of getting one even slimmer.

Here’s our tips to getting a Sun Stone fast:

  • Spin both Pokestops and Gyms.
  • Visit an area where there’s a lot of Pokestops so that you can spin a lot of them in a short period of time.
  • Spinning 250 Pokestops will net you a 50% chance of procuring one of the evolution items.
  • Rumors suggest that 7 day streaks can greatly increase your chance of getting a Sun Stone, but again this isn’t guaranteed.
Bellossom Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
These little ladies look familiar? You need a Sun Stone to get one in Pokemon Go!

Pokemon that it evolves

Thankfully there aren’t a lot of Pokemon that need the Sun Stone in order to evolve, so we’ve listed the ones that need the coveted stone here. Bear in mind you also need the usual 50 Candy to evolve them, too:


  • Gloom – Bellossm (100 Candy required as third evolution stage)
  • Sunkern – Sunflora
  • Cottonee – Whimsicott
  • Petlil – Lilligant

As Kalos’ Pokemon start popping up in the app, you may find that adorable electric lizard Helioptile requires a Sun Stone to evolve into Heliodisk as well.

So that’s our tips and tricks to help you score a Sun Stone on your travels. If you’re looking to deck out your Pokemon Go roster, our hub is full of tips and tricks to help you become a Pokemon master. Check it out!