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How to fix Error Finding Match in Pokemon Go

Published: 6/Mar/2021 21:59

by Julian Young


With so many Trainers logging in and checking out Pokemon Go’s new Season of Legends, there are bound to be some matchmaking issues. Here’s how you can fix that pesky Error Finding Match problem if you end up running into it.

Pokemon Go’s new season — The Season of Legends — kicked off on March 1, and introduced a ton of new content. Players have new Legendary Pokemon, changes in spawn areas, and upcoming season-exclusive Special Research activities to check out in the new update.

With so many players jumping into the game, matchmaking issues are bound to pop up. Fortunately, there are several ways you can fix those issues, and here’s exactly what to do if Error Finding Match messages are interfering with your Go Battle League matches.


Pokemon Go Phone
Running into matchmaking issues can completely ruin the Pokemon Go experience.

What is “Error Finding Match” in Pokemon Go

The Error Finding Match message appears in Pokemon Go when a Trainer initiates a Go Battle League match with another player, and the game is (for whatever reason) unable to properly link the two players for their showdown.

First introduced in 2020, the Go Battle League is a system that allows players to challenge one another in PVP battles. Like any matchmaking system, both players need an internet connection in order to compete, but matches can be affected by a number of outside factors as well.

Whether you’re running into the Error Finding Match problem due to a spotty internet connection, server issues in the game itself, or even connection issues on your opponent’s end, here are a few things you can try that will help you get back into the action.


Pokemon Go Season of Legends
With the new Season of Legends in full swing, players will want to make sure they can quickly fix any matchmaking problems they encounter.

How to fix “Error Finding Match” in Pokemon Go

There are a few things that Trainers can do to resolve these matchmaking issues. Here’s everything you can try to fix the Error Finding Match problem:

  1. Check the status of Pokemon Go’s servers – unfortunately, if the game’s servers are down, there’s not much you can do on your end. Keep a close eye on the official Pokemon Go Twitter account to see if there are any updates on server status
  2. Try finding another match – there’s always a chance that the matchmaking issue could be on your opponent’s end (or they simply disconnected from the match before it started). Try finding another match and see if that resolves the issue
  3. Troubleshoot your internet connection – whether you’re connected to wifi or using your phone’s data plan, a bad connection on either could cause issues. Try reconnecting to your wifi network or cellular service to fix the problem
  4. Restart Pokemon Go – the classic solution is always an option for fixing any problem: try turning it on and off again. Restarting the Pokemon Go app on your device can help clear up these issues
  5. Clear the game’s cache on your device – if restarting the app doesn’t work, you can also try clearing the app’s local cache on your device. Android users can do this via the app’s settings, but iOS users will need to delete the app from their phone and reinstall it
  6. Contact Pokemon Go’s support team – if you’ve exhausted all other options and simply can’t get the error to go away, try contacting the Pokemon Go support team at Niantic. You can provide information on your issues and hopefully their team can help get them resolved

Those are all of the ways you can try to resolve the annoying Error Finding Match prompt that can interfere with your Go Battle League matches. Again, if all else fails and you continue to have issues, trying to contact Niantic is probably your best bet for getting them taken care of.

With the Season of Legends barely a week old, there’s plenty of content for fans to sink their teeth into. Make sure to take care of any Error Finding Match issues so you can climb the League leaderboards and enjoy all of the new seasonal content.