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How to find Jessie & James in Pokemon Go: Meowth Balloons guide

Published: 6/Oct/2021 21:38

by David Purcell


Jessie and James from Team Rocket have returned in Pokemon Go with their Meowth Balloons, but how exactly do you find them? 

The popular mobile game, available on iOS and Android devices, is well into its Season of Mischief now.

Players have seen everything from Hoopa’s debut to a change in the egg charts, but the next thing on their radar will be encounters with the franchise’s most famous villains.

Team Rocket’s Jessie and James are back, but their appearances may be few and far between. What this guide is going to explain, however, is how to find them and what to look out for on your travels.


How to find Jessie and James in Pokemon Go

pokemon go jessie and james
Jessie and James aren’t the easiest to find in Pokemon Go.

It’s not so easy to find Jessie and James in Pokemon Go, as many members of the community will be aware. The process of coming across them is part luck and part perseverance, as seen below:

  1. Load up Pokemon Go.
  2. Enter the main screen, where you can see your avatar, streets, and nearby Pokemon.
  3. From there, travel around by walking.
  4. Look up, overhead, for Meowth Balloons.
  5. Approach the balloon to start the encounter when they appear.

Pokemon Go Meowth Balloon spawn times

Meowth Balloons spawn in Pokemon Go every six hours.

This means if you find one at 1 pm local time, you’re going to have to wait until 7 pm for the chance to see a second balloon.

How long are Jessie & James in Pokemon Go for?

Jessie and James arrived in Pokemon Go during the Season of Mischief on October 1, 2021. They will be removed on October 10, at 8 pm local time. 

That means trainers don’t have a very long window of opportunity to find them.


How to defeat Jessie & James: Weaknesses & Counters

Pokemon Go Jessie and James
Team Rocket can be defeated pretty easily, if you know what you’re doing.

If you’re looking to take down Team Rocket in Pokemon Go, you’re going to need to know what you’re up against.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket lineup: Jessie and James

  • Jessie – Shadow Scyther, Ekans, Stantler
  • James – Shadow Pinsir, Grimer, Koffing

Pokemon Go Jessie & James counters

  • Jessie – Steel-type, Rock-type, Psychic-type
  • James – Fire-type, Psychic-type, Ground-type

For more information on how to take them down in battle, check out our full guide.