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How to find and catch Shiny Charmander in Pokemon Go

Published: 16/May/2021 20:59

by Nick Farrell


Beloved generation one starter Charmander has one of the best shiny Pokemon variants when it is fully evolved. Luckily, you can get your very own within Pokemon Go with some useful tips. 

Pokemon Go has remained as one of the most popular mobile games out there, and to this day players are venturing outside to try and find elusive Pokemon roaming their neighborhoods.

One aspect that has been evolving within Pokemon Go is the ample amount of shiny Pokemon players are able to find and catch. These rare variants of Pokemon are sought after by trainers worldwide, and it is no wonder Charmander is one that players seek out the most. Here’s how to find and catch shiny Charmander in Pokemon Go!


shiny charmander
Shiny Charmander is amazing

What are Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are rare variants of Pokemon that players will encounter throughout their adventures. These variants differ as they are hardly found by players, this is because they are special forms that players specifically hunt for within new games due to their rare value.

Where to find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

In traditional Pokemon games, players encounter these Shinies during instances in the world, in areas such as grass, or in a cave. But, in Go, there are various ways fans are able to find these rare pocket monsters.

As well, Niantic has not added all shiny Pokemon into the mobile game as of now. But, they have been implementing them at a steady pace, and we can expect more in the future.


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Go is a great way to get outside and game

Niantic has outlined some of the methods players will be able to run into Shiny Pokemon within their mobile game.

  • Wild encounters
  • Raid Boss encounters
  • Special Research breakthroughs
  • Research Task rewards
  • Event-limited Pokemon
    • This includes:
      • Smeargle, Ditto, Unown, and Meltan

How to catch Shiny Charmander

Although the hunt to obtain a shiny Pokemon within Go can be a daunting task. Charmander is one of the most sought after for the reason that the fully evolved form, Charizard has one of the best shiny variants in the entire Pokedex.

Since Charmander is a fire-type Pokemon, so it has an increased encounter rate when it is sunny and clear outside. As well, Charmander has an increased spawn rate in areas such as cities, beaches, and residential areas. Players can also take advantage of using lures near Pokestops; as this may increase the spawn rate around you; but you may not get so lucky when doing this method.


If you are able to find one of these shiny Charmanders, then you one of the lucky trainers within Pokemon Go!