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How to catch a shiny Fletchling & Talonflame in Pokemon Go: Tips & Tricks

Published: 17/Feb/2021 10:13 Updated: 17/Feb/2021 13:54

by Alex Garton


The upcoming March Community Day will finally give players a chance to catch Shiny Fletchling and Taloneflame. Here’s everything you need to know about the event and what time the new shinies will be spawning.

Community Days are not only a great way to catch shinies, they also allow players to collect bonus XP with various boosts that are available throughout the day.

Well, the upcoming Community Day in March is no different and will even give players a chance to catch Shiny Fletchling. The Kalos bird Pokemon will see an increased spawn rate throughout the day, giving players their best opportunity to bag a Shiny.


Here’s everything you need to know about the day and what tricks you can use to increase your chance of catching a Shiny Fletchling.

Pokemon Go’s Kalos event is active until December 8.

Where can I find a Shiny Fletchling & Talonflame?

Shiny Fletchling will be available to catch in a limited time frame during the March 6 Community Day from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM PST. Throughout this period, the Kalos bird Pokemon will receive a boosted spawn rate and players will also get 3x XP for each Fletchling they catch.

Keep in mind, Shiny Fletchling will only be available during the Community Day times, so this is the best opportunity to catch the incredibly rare Pokemon.

To get hold of a Shiny Talonflame, players will need to catch a Shiny Fletchling and simply evolve the Pokemon.


Tips and tricks for catching a Shiny Pokemon

The best day to go hunting for a Shiny is on the Community Day that occurs once a month. This event boosts the odds of a certain Pokemon spawning in your area. This means your more likely to find a Shiny on those days as more of the same Pokemon species are available to find.

Finally, in the wild, it’s best to avoid catching Pokemon that you don’t need. Focus purely on looking for Shiny’s as the more Pokemon you encounter, the better odds you have in finding a Shiny.

Finding Shiny versions is just a case of persistence and consistent playtime.

Don’t forget, finding shiny versions of species in Pokemon Go can be a tough task. It’s been reported that the odds of finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild are roughly 1 in 450 on non-Community Days. So, it’s safe to say that catching a shiny version is heavily influenced by your luck.


Of course, following these tips will not guarantee you find a Shiny Pokemon.

However, it puts you on the right track and gives you a good idea of where to look.