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How to catch and find shiny Swinub in Pokemon Go

Published: 23/Jun/2021 23:45

by Nick Farrell


The featured Pokemon a part of the Spotlight Hour for June 2021 is Swinub and features an interesting shiny variant that players may be on the hunt for in Pokemon Go.

There is no doubt that shiny Pokemon are among the rarest Pokemon within the mainstream games, and Niantic has implemented a large amount of these into the high-selling mobile AR title.

Now, with the game gearing up for its Summer event which has now been dubbed Pokemon Go Fest 2021, fans are still on the hunt for these shiny mon.

Swinub was recently featured in the Spotlight day for June 2021, and its shiny variant has been sought after worldwide, and we have got you covered if you are still on the hunt for one!


The Pokemon Company
Mamoswine is Swinub’s final evolution

What are shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokemon are rare forms of Pokemon that players may encounter while in the wild or doing raid battles.

These variants are incredibly difficult to find in the series and this is due to the chances to encounter one are extremely slim, making the hunt even more elusive.

First added into the mainstream Pokemon games, Niantic has been adding more and more shiny mon’s into Go as the months go by, and thankfully Swinub is one of these Pokemon that has a shiny variant.

Where to find shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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The Pokemon Company
Swinub may be used by Team Rocket in Go

There are plenty of ways to encounter Swinub in Pokemon Go, and you have the chance to find its shiny form in all of the ways Niantic have outlined.


  • Wild encounters
  • Raid Boss encounters
  • Special Research breakthroughs
  • Research Task rewards
  • Event-limited Pokemon
    • This includes Smeargle, Ditto, Unown, and Meltan

How to catch and find shiny Swinub

If you are looking to find and catch a shiny Swinub then you may have already caught one during its Spotlight Hour on June 22, but if you did not manage to catch one during this time, do not fear as you are still able to.

Using lures near Pokestops is a viable tactic for increasing your odds of finding a shiny Swinub, as the more encounters you have with one, the higher chance you may run into one.

Be sure to let us know if you managed to catch a shiny Swinub, and check out our July 2021 Community Day guide for all you need to know!