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How to beat Moltres in Pokemon Go Kanto Tour: Best counters & weaknesses

Published: 11/Feb/2021 21:12

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go players get to face the Legendary bird trio in five-star Raids during the Kanto Tour. Here is how you can easily beat the fiery Moltres.

Niantic is celebrating the Pokemon franchise’s 25th anniversary with the Kanto Tour on February 20. The epic event will bring back classic Legendaries for the celebration’s Raid battles.

One of the popular monsters making its return is Moltres of the Legendary bird trio. Here are the best counters to use that will have Trainers taking down the scorching creature in no time at all.

Screenshot of Gen I Legendary Moltres in Pokemon Go.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The epic Legendary bird returns during the Kanto Tour.

Moltres weaknesses in Pokemon Go

First introduced in 1996’s Red & Blue, Moltres has captivated Trainers for decades with its fiery design. The bird’s wings dripping with flames is a sight to be seen.


Despite its powerful moves, the creature also has some glaring weaknesses. It’s dual-typing actually leaves it open to numerous counters that will bring it down quickly.

Trainers will want to mainly focus on Rock and Electric types to take advantage of its Flying weakness. And of course Water to put its fire out quickly. Below we will cover the best counters for the Gen I Legendary.

Screenshot of Tyranitar from the Pokemon anime.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Rock-type Pokemon like Tyranitar will make quick work of Moltres.

Best Pokemon Go counters for Moltres

While some players may be tempted to use Water given Moltres is a Fire Legendary, its best counters are Rock Pokemon due to its double weakness to the type. Especially in Go, these ‘mon will be the fastest way to bring down the Flying type.


  • Rhyperior: The Gen IV evolution of Rhyhorn can pack a mighty punch with Smack Down. However, players with the Legacy move Rock Wrecker will absolutely destroy the Kanto bird with its 110 damage and 50 energy requirement.
  • Tyranitar: Similar to Rhyperior, the Johto ‘mon is a tanky heavy hitter. Its combo of Smack Down and Stone’s Edge is deadly. Even better if you have the same moveset with a Shadow Tyranitar.
  • Rampardos: The Diamond & Pearl fossil dinosaur often ranks as #1 on Moltres counter lists. And with good reason. Its attacks Smack Down and Rock Slide are devastating. Its speed compared to other Rock types makes it a must in your lineup.
  • Terrakion: The Black & White Legendary is another great pick to counter the Kanto bird. Like Rampardos, Smack Down Rock Slide deal insane damage.
Screenshot of Gen II Sudowood in Pokemon anime.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Even entry-level Pokemon like Sudowoodo can do incredible damage to the Kanto Legendary.

Pokemon Go Moltres budget counters

Not every Trainer will have some of the top tier monsters listed above. We will go over a handful of entry-level picks that even new players should have in their arsenal. Even newcomers can play their part in taking down a Raid boss.

  • Gigalith: The Unova monster is fairly easy to evolve, and its power almost matches top tier counters. Players will want to use Smack Down and Rock Slide. The charged attack does a ton of damage given the energy needed to activate it.
  • Golem: The classic Gen I ‘mon is another great budget pick. Its Rock Throw is strong, and will build up energy to pull off the mighty Stone Edge charge attack.
  • Sudowoodo: Ever since its debut in Gold & Silver, fans have loved the smiling tree-shaped ‘mon. Despite looking like a plant, it’s actually a disguise for the Rock creature. Trainers should use Rock Throw as well as Rock Slide to do some serious damage.
  • Omastar: The Kanto fossil is often used in Team Rocket’s lineup in Go. Meaning most players will have a ton of the creature in their inventory. Rock Throw and either Rock Slide or Ancient Power will pack a punch. Players can also mix it up and try Hydro Pump.
  • Crustle: The little hermit crab from Gen V can surprisingly holds its weight against the Legendary Bird. Use Smack Down and Rock Slide to chip away at Moltres’ health.

The Legendary Bird will began showing up in 5-star raids at the start of the Kanto Tour on February 20 at 9:00AM, and leave on March 1 at 8:00AM local time. Those wanting to participate in the special event will have to pay $11.99.

The limited time celebration is in honor of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, and will have players choosing between the Red or Green version of the RPG. Check out our guide here to learn which one you should choose.