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Halloween comes early in Pokemon Go with terrifying Skitty glitch

Published: 22/Sep/2021 21:12

by Dylan Horetski


Just like other video games, Pokémon Go has had its fair share of glitches. This time, the mobile game brings spooky Halloween vibes with it as it merged Skitty with another ‘mon entirely. 

The popular mobile game, Pokémon Go, has had a recurring glitch where characters turn into a ninja, and more recently, we’ve seen Pikachu and Swablu show up on the map in an assortment of colors.

Encounters are one of the most important and exciting parts of PoGo, allowing trainers to find and catch various Pokémon. When a player recently spotted a special green-colored Skitty, they thought for a second it would be a rare shiny version.


Pokemon Go Shiny Skitty and Delcatty
Shiny Skitty and its evolution are a lighter color of pink

A ghastly Skitty encounter

On September 21, a Reddit user posted about their find, and it looks absolutely morbid. At a quick glance, and without knowing what the more rare version of the cat ‘mon looks like, you may also agree that it could be shiny.

Once you take another look at it you can see that, in fact, it appears to be something straight from a Halloween display at a supermarket. Somehow, the player’s Skitty has taken half of the form of Machop, a fighting-type Pokemon.

One player had this to say: “This is easily the best one of these accidental reskins I’ve ever seen. THE TAIL!”


Skitty Machop Pokemon Go
The wild Skitty has taken half the form of a Machop with a horrifying tail.

Just like the Shiny Swablu found earlier in the month when the player caught the hybrid spawn and checked their storage bag, it had returned back to its normal form.

These types of glitches in the game have everyone roaring, with hundreds of people taking to the post wishing they would encounter one themselves.

It seems to be unlikely that Niantic would ever permanently enable spawns like this Skitty, as the game has so far stayed true to the original series.