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Best Pokemon Go Pokestops in the game, from the Pentagon to Central Park

Published: 18/Oct/2021 22:29

by Connor Knudsen


Pokemon Go is filled with Pokestops from all over the world, with stops ranging from the mundane to the magnificent, and everywhere in between. So here are the best Pokemon Go Pokestops you can find.

Since then, players from around the world have been encouraged to get up and go explore, in search of the rarest and most coveted Pokemon and Pokestops.

While most fans may already know all about the rarest Pokemon out there, people may have overlooked the best, and most bizarre, Pokestops around the world.

Best Pokemon Go Pokestops

Nightmare Pikachu – Cabramatta, New South Wales, Australia

While it’s hard to look at this disturbing children’s ride, it’s also sort of hard to look away, and just in time for Halloween.


If you’re just outside of Sydney and looking to terrify your kids, then this is the stop for you!

The Pentagon – Washington, DC, United States

How anyone, except for a select few, is supposed to access this is beyond us. But, if you manage to access this Pokestop, mind letting us know some information on aliens and other government secrets as well?

It’s worth noting that the White House and some other notable DC locations have Pokestops as well. So, if you’re a government official for the United States, you’re in luck!

Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu) – Tokyo, Japan

If you’re in Tokyo and looking for the maximum amount of Pokestop to gain XP, then the area surrounding the Meiji Shrine is the place to be.


Content creator LiftingandZombies pointed this spot out in one of his videos, claiming it to be one of the best Pokestop locations in the world.

Tokyo also offers a lot of other great stops packed in the city. These include the famous Tokyo Tower and Senso-Ji Temple.

Giant metal cocks – Various locations

metal cock pokestops
Who knows how many more giant metal cocks are out there, just waiting for trainers to discover them!

For some odd reason, several giant metal chickens have become Pokestops across the United States in Florida, Maryland, and California.

If you love metal poultry, these stops could make for a great cross-country road trip!

Central Park – New York City, New York

The largest in-city park in the United States plays host to a great Pokemon Go location as well.


Enjoy the hundreds of acres the park has to offer and the multitude of Pokestops to boot. And, according to some on Reddit, many of these stops are constantly lured as well, so there will be no shortage of Pokemon to catch.

Boing Cthulu – England, United Kingdom

boing cthulu

boing cthulu
This may be one of the best descriptions out there.

If you love Cthulu and playgrounds, this Pokestop is a must-see, but really, this one’s all about the description for the stop.

It reads: “An introduction to the worship of the Great Old Ones for younger acolytes, their playful cries of ‘Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulu R’lyyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn’ are a joy to hear.”

Ashtray – Location unknown

ashtray pokestop
A simple, refined Pokestop proving sometimes, less is more.

A legendary Pokestop known by many but seen by few. Expect to find Ash here, and maybe some Koffing and Weezing if you’re lucky.


There’s not much of a reason to visit this, but seriously, how did this become a Pokestop?

Various landmarks and major cities across the world!

In addition to these spots, there are loads of other amazing places to find Pokestops across the world. Many have cited that cities like London and Paris are especially great cities in Europe, while others in Africa will find more stops in packed cities like Cape Town, South Africa.

Keep an eye out for densely populated cities with plenty of monuments when hunting for more historic Pokestops, while certain subreddits may be the best bet for finding the, well, goofier stops out there.