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Best moves for Talonflame in Pokemon Go – Fast & Charged attacks

Published: 17/Feb/2021 1:33

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go Trainers evolving Fletchling into Talonflame may be wondering how to use the Fire-type in battles. Here are the Kalos bird’s best moves. 

Niantic is putting a spotlight on Fletchling for March 2021’s Community Day. While the Gen VI bird may look tiny, its third evolution is actually an incredible fighter if used correctly in the right situations.

Below we will go over the best Fast and Charged attacks for Talonflame. The Fire/Flying-type’s fierce moveset will have your battle opponents feeling the heat!

Screenshot of Talonflame Pokemon Go dex entry.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The popular Kalos falcon is strong with the right moves.

Best moves for Talonflame in Pokemon Go

First introduced in Pokemon X and Y in 2013, the Fletchling evolution line has become incredibly popular with fans due to its fiery final form, Talonflame.


The epic falcon is insanely strong against Fairy-types such as Clefable and Wigglytuff, and is great counter to popular picks such as Venusaur and Pinsir.

With a max CP of 2493 at level 50, the Kalos ‘mon is by no means a tank. Its greatest advantage is its dual-typing which makes it effective against five elements ranging from Fighting to Steel.

Pokemon Go Battle League promotional art.
Niantic / Pokemon Company
Talonflame’s moves are slightly different in PVP.

Talonflame’s best PVP moveset in Pokemon Go


Fire Spin – Damage: 9 – Damage per second (DPS): 8.2 – Energy per second (EPS): 9.1.

It’s one of the quickest Fire-type moves that packs a punch. It also generates 10 energy, meaning you can pull-off Brave Bird in 10 seconds, making it a perfect choice.

Incinerate (Community Day move) – Damage: 15 – DPS: 6.5 – EPS: 8.7.


The Gen V move will be available for Talonflame for the first time during the March Community Day in 2021. While not as fast as Fire Spin, its immense damage can be used strategically.


Brave Bird – Damage: 130 – DPS: 65 – Energy needed: 100.

pokemon go raids
The Pokemon Company / Niantic
The Gen VI bird is great in Raids.

Talonflame’s best PVE moveset in Pokemon Go


Fire Spin – Damage: 14 – DPS: 12.7 – EPS: 9.1.

Just like PVP, Fire Spin will quickly chip away at Raid bosses and NPC Trainers, while generating a fair bit of energy to pull off Charged attacks.


Brave Bird – Damage: 130 – DPS: 65 – Energy needed: 100.

The Flying charged attack is one of the strongest in Go, and is super effective in Raids featuring Bug, Fighting, and Grass types. When paired with Fire, Talonflame has a lot of versatility in PVE.