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Best Incarnate Forme Thundurus moveset in Pokemon Go

Published: 15/Mar/2021 23:52

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go players who have recently caught Forces of Nature Legendary Thundurus may be wondering which moves to use for the Electric-type. We will cover its Incarnate Forme’s best moveset for the Battle League and Raids.

Pokemon Go has kicked off its Season of Legends with the return of the Forces of Nature trio from 2010’s Black and White. Trainers across the world have been adding Thundurus to their team after defeating the ‘mon.

The popular Gen V Electric-type can pack quite the punch if you pair off the right moves. Here is everything you need to know about making the Unova Legendary a strong competitor in the Battle League as well as Raids.


Screenshot of Pokemon Legendary Thundurus Incarnate Forme Pokemon Go.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Electric-type Legendary can be used in Battle League and PVE Raids.

Pokemon Go Thundurus best moveset

Before we start, it needs to be stated that Trainers looking purely for the best Pokemon currently in the Battle League should know that Thundurus is currently ineligible for the Great League, and is only decent in the Ultra and Master League.

However, many players are going to shape their team around their favorite monsters, plus sometimes you have to do the best with what you have. With the right moves, the Forces of Nature Electric-type can still be turned into a great asset.

Below we will cover the best moveset for Thundurus’s Incarnate Forme that will turn the Unova Legendary into a competitive fighter.


Pokemon Go Battle League promotional art.
Niantic / Pokemon Company
Thundurus can only be used in a handful of Battle League levels.

Pokemon Go Thundurus best moveset in Battle League

Great League

  • The Legendary is currently not eligible for the GL.

Ultra League

  • Fast Moves: Thunder Shock.
  • Charge Moves: Thunder Punch / Crunch.

At the time of writing, Sinnoh’s Giratina reigns supreme over the UL. As a result, Crunch can be used to take large chunks of health from the Legendary. The Dark-type move also gives varied coverage against popular Psychic ‘mon players may have on their team.

We absolutely recommend having Thunder Punch as a second Charged attack as its low energy costs allows Thundurus to spam and waste opponents’ shields.

Master League

  • Fast Moves: Thunder Shock
  • Charge Moves: Thunder Punch / Thunder

Unlike the UL, Dragon-types currently dominate the meta. This means the Forces of Nature trio is at a major disadvantage. Trainers absolutely determined to bring the character into battle should continue to use Thunder Shock for its quick energy creation.


Using the strategy mentioned earlier, the Fast attack can be used alongside Thunder Punch to quickly bait opponents to use up their shields early on. Thunder should be used as a secondary nuke attack as it does insane damage. Overall, we don’t highly recommend the Electric-type for this League.

Screenshot of Pokemon Go Raid Boss logo.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Gen V Legendary can also be used in PVE raids.

Pokemon Go Thundurus best moveset in Raids

  • Fast Moves: Thunder Shock
  • Charge Moves: Thunder Punch / Thunder

Compared to Battle League, Thundurus is much better suited for PVE . Players should utilize Thunder Shock as it’s the fastest way to generate energy to unleash a Charge attack on a powerful Raid boss.

Those who already have Thunder Punch should be fine. Despite Thunder being the more powerful nuke attack, the difference isn’t that massive. All of the moves mentioned above will have you dealing damage quick in online Raids.