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10 best Fighting-type Pokemon ever: Lucario, Blaziken & more

Published: 29/Jan/2021 16:29

by James Busby


Fighting-type Pokemon feature all kinds of powerful punches and lethal kicks, but which of these Powerful Pokemon wins the champion’s belt? 

With their high offensive stats and lightning-fast jabs, Fighting-type Pokemon bring a great amount of power to any team. From Pokemon capable of tearing mountains in half to Legendary dogs that once saved humanity from destruction, there are plenty of choices when it comes to picking the perfect fighter. 

Of course, not every Fighting-type Pokemon is viable. While you may be able to get away with using any Pokemon in causal matches, you’ll often need a strong team that can give you an edge in competitive battles.


Fortunately, these 10 Fighting-types will give you the critical blow needed to KO even the toughest foes.

10. Conkeldurr

Conkeldurr Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Slow but deadly.

Conkeldurr may be one the slowest Fighting-type Pokemon in the game, but that won’t matter when you’re KOing your opponents in a single hit. With a whopping 140 Attack, 105 HP and 95 Defense, Conkeldurr can be a real menace on the battlefield. In fact, taking status damage only enrages this Pokemon more. 

This is thanks to Conkeldurr’s Guts ability which increases its Attack stat by 50% whenever any status element is inflicted. Combine this with the self-inflicted burn from Flame Orb and you have an incredibly lethal Pokemon. To capitalize on this extra damage, consider using Facade as this move’s attack is doubled when Conkeldurr is burnt, poisoned, or paralyzed. 


While you’ll rarely get to strike first, Conkeldurr will ensure that each punch deals huge amounts of damage.

9. Lucario

The Pokemon Company
Lucario is capable of delivering many a lethal hit.

No Fighting-type list would be complete without featuring Lucario. The dual Fighting/Steel-type has been a fan-favorite ever since it first appeared in Diamond and Pearl. While it may not be the most reliable Fighting Pokemon on our list, it does have some decent stats. 

Lucario’s high Attack (110) and Special Attack (115) enable it to sweep squishy damage threats, especially when you manage to utilize Sword Dance. Its Speed stat is also fairly high (90), but even when you find yourself in a situation where Lucario isn’t the fastest ‘mon on the field, you can simply use priority moves like Bullet Punch.


Inner Focus also gives Lucario complete immunity to any moves that would otherwise cause flinch or intimidate. While it may no longer be as viable as it once was, Lucario can still prove useful.

8. Keldeo

Keldeo Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Keldeo is can tear through enemy teams.

Keldeo is an excellent Special Attacker that can make short work of its opponent, especially against Dark-type Pokemon. It’s Justified ability raises its Attack by one stage when damage by any Dark moves, while Moves like Focus Blast and Calm Mind give it opportunities to cut through bulky tanks. 

Taunt can also keep any status elements at bay and makes Keldeo rather difficult to deal with, particularly given its high defensive stats. Its affinity for the water element also enables players to get rid of meta Fire-type Pokemon with ease.


7. Hawlucha

The Pokemon Company
Hawlucha’s agility makes this Pokemon capable of dishing out a lot of damage.

The dual Fighting/Flying-type is capable of sweeping even the strongest teams thanks to its well-rounded stats. Because of its potent combination of Speed and Attack, Hawlucha can often get the drop on its foes. It agility reach even higher heights when the Unburden ability is triggered, which doubles Hawlucha’s Speed stat whenever its held item is lost. 

The removal of Hawlucha’s item also doubles the power of Acrobatics, giving you even more chances to KO your foe. Combine this with damage buffing moves like Sword Dance and you have a recipe for success.

6. Urshifu

Promotional for Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion Battle Styles featuring Legendary Urshifu.
The Pokemon Company / PidgiWiki
Urshifu’s two different forms give it a tremendous amount of versatility.

This dual Fighting-type Legendary was introduced in Sword & Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion. Urshifu is a highly versatile fighter thanks to its two separate forms, which are obtained via the Tower of Darkness or Tower of Waters trials. The version you choose will largely depend on the kind of team you are running, giving you a number of options when it comes to countering specific Pokemon.


Like most Pokemon, both Single Strike (Fighting/Dark) and Rapid Strike (Fighting/Water) have their own strengths and weaknesses. However, a movepool consisting of Close Combat, U-Turn, Poison Jab, and Wicked Blow/Surging Strikes will enable you to pummel most Pokemon into the ground.

5. Buzzwole

Buzzwole in the anime
The Pokemon Company
Buzzwole proves that even Bug-types can be strong.

Buzzwole can tank many a hit thanks to its great physical Defence (139), while its moves physical movepool is boosted by its high Attack stat (139). Hammer Arm will KO most squishy sweepers, while Toxic can remove bulkier threats from play. Despite its tanky appearance, Buzzwole does have fairly decent Speed (79), but this can quickly become very sluggish Hammer Arm is heavily used. 

Fortunately, Buzzwole’s dual Bug/Fighting typing does give it decent resistances to the likes of Grass, Dark, Ground, Fighting, and Bug types. If you’re after a decent physical tank that can also dish out a lot of damage, then Buzzwole is a decent pick.

4. Blaziken

Blaziken Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Blaziken continues to wreak havoc in competitive battles.

Blaziken is no stranger to the meta spotlight – in fact, the third-gen Pokemon has continued to be a staple meta pick since its release. The dual Fire/Fighting-type has proved so potent over the years that Smogon added it to its UUBL alongside Aegislash and Gengar. While the nightmarish days of Mega Blaziken may be over, the standard version is still incredibly potent. 

Blaziken features a very high Attack (120) and a decent Special Attack (110), while its HP and Speed both share 80 points. It might not be the fastest Pokemon on the list, but Blaziken can enhance this stat thanks to its Speed Boost ability. Each full turn in battle will increase Blaziken’s Speed by one stage, making it pretty agile in combat. 

Pair this with moves like Sword Dance, Flare Blitz, Thunder Punch, and Close Combat and you have a recipe for success.

3. Pheromosa

Pheromosa Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
A truly fast and furious Fighting-type.

This elegant Ultra Beast certainly doesn’t look like a fighting Pokemon, but looks can be very deceiving. Pheromosa is capable of outspeeding the majority of Pokemon it faces, thanks to its insanely high Speed stat (158). This Pokemon doesn’t just have incredible agility, it is also capable of dishing out dizzying damage. With 137 points in both its Attack and Special Attack, Pheromosa can sweep entire teams if left unchecked. 

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Unfortunately, its pitiful Defence and Special Defense (37) can lead to a quick KO if you’re not careful. As a result, moves like U-turn and the lifesaving Focus Sash item are a must if you wish to avoid any frustrating losses. By utilizing both, Pheromosa will invariably be able to take down multiple threats with Triple Axel and Poison jab before fainting.

2. Marshadow

Marshadow Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Marshadow has one of the most unique typings in Pokemon.

Marshadow is the only Fighting/Ghost-type Pokemon and it’s this unique typing that makes it such a fantastic pick. This Mythical Pokemon may look small and intimidating, but it packs a mighty punch that can send teams flying. Psychic-type Pokemon can often prove tricky to deal with, but Marshadow’s dual Ghost typing enables it to deal with any pesky threats with ease. 

Marshadow’s insanely high Speed (125) and Attack (125) stats enable you to invariably land the first punch, provided your opponent doesn’t have any priority-based attacks. The Fighting/Ghost-type can also use Spectral Thief to swing tricky fights in your favor as it enables Marshadow to steal the target’s stat boosts.

A movepool consisting of Ghost and Fighting-type moves like Close Combat, Shadow Sneak, and Bulk Up also give Marshadow plenty of opportunities to flex its might. It’s certainly not hard to see why Marshadow remains firmly in Smogon’s Uber tier.

1. Zamazenta (Crowned Shield)

Zamazenta Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Zamazenta’s bark is just as bad as its bite.

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s very own Legendary flagship finds itself at the top of our Fighting-type list. This loyal canine has 720 base stat total, which put it just below the nightmarish Mega Mewtwo X. Not only does Zamazenta have a whopping 130 Attack, it also has decent defensive stats (115) and speed (138).

If that wasn’t enough, the Legendary dog can chew through even the tankiest Pokemon thanks to moves like Close Combat and Psychic Fangs. Meanwhile, Zamazenta’s Dauntless Shield ability raises the Pokemon’s Defense even further when it is switched into battle. It’s certainly not hard to see why this Fighting-type takes the first-place prize.

There you have it, 10 of the best Fighting-type Pokemon you should be using. Make sure you check out our Pokemon hub for all the latest news and updates.