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How does Scraggy stack up in Pokemon Go?

Published: 4/Aug/2020 13:04

by Paul Cot


Scraggy is the Pokemon Go August Breakthrough Reward. The question is, though, is it worth getting excited about?

August Breakthrough Reward

The Shedding Pokemon is available now and will remain so until Tuesday, September 1, 1pm PDT. It follows on from July’s Research Breakthrough Reward, Larvitar.

As usual you’ll need to obtain seven Field Research stamps to earn the encounter. These are granted when you complete Field Research but you can only earn one a day.

How strong is Scrafty?

The reward might be Scraggy but what really counts is how strong its evolved form Scrafty is. It has a max CP of 2,283 and its stats are as follows:


  • Attack 163 – 397/827
  • Defense 222 – 40 of 827
  • Stamina 163 – 392 of 827

Clearly defense is its strong point but this comes alongside average (at best) attack and stamina. Scrafty does have one massive plus, however.


The Hoodlum Pokemon has a dual typing of dark and fighting. This is a unique typing in Pokemon Go, at least among the species that are currently released.

This gives it double resistance against dark types and normal resistance against ghost, psychic, and rock. On the flip side, fighting and flying will do 160% damage. It’s also vital to avoid fairy attacks as Scrafty is doubly weak to them (256% damage).

Scrafty Pokemon Go
Scrafty is in an interesting spot due to its annoying max CP of 2,283…

GO Battle League potential

Unfortunately due to its low CP and poor attack, Scrafty has no use in the PvE side of Pokemon Go. Its defense, in spite of its stamina, does make it a viable option for PvP and GO Battle League.


Master League is obviously a little too far for Scrafty given its maximum CP of 2,283. It does fit in well to Ultra League due to its typing although it will be expensive and even so, doesn’t make the 2,500 CP limit.

As a result, Great League is arguably its best place. Its one we don’t expect to shake up the meta but is worth experimenting with to see if you have any joy.

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In terms of moves, it has two excellent Fast Move options in Counter and Snarl. The fighting and dark-types moves both provide good energy games – 3.5 EPT and 4.33 EPT respectively – but Counter is the move of choice thanks to its far superior DPT.


Its Charge Moves are a more obvious decision, especially if you’re willing to spend the 50,000 Stardust to unlock it. Acid Spray is terrible and will always be avoided. This leaves Power Up Punch, which has poor damage but boosts your attack, and Foul Play (1.55 DPE).

Scrafty won’t set Pokemon Go alight but it will be a welcomed Research Breakthrough Reward due to its popularity.