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YouTuber Creates Epic Overwatch Infinity War Trailer

Published: 8/Jun/2018 4:27 Updated: 7/Aug/2020 15:20

by Joe O'Brien


A YouTuber has created an epic Overwatch trailer imitating that of Avengers: Infinity War.

YouTuber Salty Phish used audio and voiceover from Infinity War with clips from Overwatch animations to form an epic crossover.

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The inspiration for this video itself isn’t actually an official trailer for the film, but rather a fan-made trailer that put Infinity War clips and audio to an epic rendition of “Gangsta’s Paradise”.

While the video is entertaining simply as a cool cross between the two franchises, it does stir the imagination to consider possibilities for deeper stories in the Overwatch world.


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With Overwatch being a strictly multiplayer game, the lore technically has a very limited impact on the gameplay experience. Blizzard has taken great pains, however, to craft settings that feel real and characters whose stories feel important, and in doing so created at the very least the illusion of a world with a real depth, of which only the surface has so far been scratched.

To the slight frustration of lore fans, the promise of depth has yet to be fully realized, with new lore coming in small hints or narrow bursts, the likes of the infrequent digital comics or the even more uncommon animated shorts.


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The result is a huge amount of game-world history that’s yet to be explored, and that’s before even considering the story moving forward from the point at which the game launched – the recall of Overwatch by Winston.

So, while it’s mostly just a bit of fun, the Overwatch: Infinity War trailer does serve as a reminder of how much more of the Overwatch story could be told with a bigger platform. Blizzard has stated that they’re open to the possibility of something like an Overwatch film or TV series, but so far there have been no reports of actual plans in the works.