xQc loses his marbles during Overwatch Match - Dexerto

xQc loses his marbles during Overwatch Match

Published: 26/Oct/2018 22:17 Updated: 26/Oct/2018 22:47

by Bill Cooney


As season 12 of Overwatch draws to a close, tensions are running high as players try to climb as high as they can, nowhere was this more apparent than the stream of Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, who absolutely lost his mind after being eliminated during a match.

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While attacking the second point on Volskaya Industries, xQc is hacked, and then killed by the enemy Sombra, this all proves too much for him and he proceeds to promptly lose his mind.

“Well done, wow!” xQc screamed into mic. He then started to say something else but it just kind of turned into one long, unintelligible scream.


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After laughing to himself and slamming his desk xQc tries to regain his composure before pushing the point with his team.

He gets a good charge on the enemy Reinhardt and his team is able to capture the point, causing so much emotion all xQc could do was “surf” on his gaming chair and make noises that kind of sound like a motor.

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We’ve come to expect these kinds of regular outbursts from xQc, and it’s one of the reasons for his popularity, but this clip is a whole other level of madness.


After being let go from the Overwatch League last season, xQc has been streaming full time, but he will also be competing with the Canadian Overwatch World Cup team at BlizzCon in November.