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World of Warcraft’s Valeera gets transformed into an Overwatch hero

Published: 31/Jan/2021 23:36

by Bill Cooney


One artist and Overwatch fan has turned World of Warcraft’s Valeera Sanguinar into an Overwatch hero, and she looks 100% ready to battle it out on the payload.

Valeera first appeared all the way back in 2008, during the leadup to World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and she’s since gone on to become one of Blizzard’s most recognizable characters – even as the face of the “Rogue” class in Hearthstone.

While Overwatch contains plenty of nods to Warcraft and influences from the game in cosmetics and maps, the Blood Elf hasn’t appeared at all just yet. In an effort to include her along with the Illidan and Tyrande skins for Genji and Symmetra, Andrew Downs, an asset implementer at Epic Games, made a full 3D render of what Valeera would look like in future Earth.


Andrew Downs/Artstation
The Blood Elf Rogue has never looked better.

At first glance, we would say Downs absolutely nailed Overwatch’s lighthearted, animated art-style with this render. Valeera, from her hair to her armor, to even  the features on her face, seems like she was just pulled out of a match on Eichenwalde.

Her dual-wielded daggers look even more badass than they do in WoW, too, and we hope she would have some abilities to go along with them that would give Genji a run for his money.

Andrew Downs/Artstation
We would love to use Valeera’s blades in Overwatch.

Her armor is spot on, as well, and if you compare it to her original artwork for the Lich King expansion, it’s basically a perfect copy of that. The gems are all in the right spots, and even her pauldrons have the right number of spikes.


In case you have any doubts about how game-ready Valeera actually is, just check out this full 3D render of the completed product:

Sadly, Valeera probably won’t make it to Overwatch anytime soon, as devs seem to have the next few heroes for Overwatch 2 lined up already. However, she could make a killer skin for Sombra, Widow, or a number of already existing heroes.

If Blizzard does need any more new hero ideas though, hopefully they give Adam and his awesome creation a call so we can actually try it out one day.