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Twitch Prime Members Can Now Get Free Exclusive Overwatch Loot Boxes

Published: 25/Jul/2018 5:15 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 16:24

by Joe O'Brien


Twitch is celebrating the launch of new Overwatch hero Wrecking Ball with free loot boxes for Twitch Prime members.

Members of Twitch Prime will be able to redeem two exclusive Wrecking Ball loot boxes which will offer up to four items each of exclusively Wrecking Ball-related cosmetics.

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In addition to the Wrecking Ball loot boxes available right now, players with Twitch Prime accounts will also be gifted a Golden loot box in both September and October.

Golden loot boxes are guaranteed to reward the player with at least one Legendary skin which they do not already own, making them very valuable to skin collectors. Legendary skins have a fairly low drop rate in regular boxes and cost either 1000 or 3000 credits to purchase, which means unlocking new Legendaries can mean a lot of waiting or a lot of money spent on regular loot boxes.


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Blizzard is also putting on a free weekend for Overwatch between July 26-28, celebrating both the release of the new hero and the grand finals of the Overwatch League. Players who create an account for the free weekend will also be able to redeem the Twitch Prime loot boxes, and if they later purchase the full game any items unlocked will carry over.

In order to receive the loot boxes, Twitch Prime members will need to link their Blizzard account to their Twitch account.