This hilarious Overwatch animation shows exactly what it's like to fight an enemy Hammond - Dexerto

This hilarious Overwatch animation shows exactly what it’s like to fight an enemy Hammond

Published: 30/Oct/2018 0:10 Updated: 30/Oct/2018 0:19

by Bill Cooney


Wrecking Ball, the newest Overwatch Hero, has proven to be pretty popular since his release and is equally infuriating to play against at times, as this video from Youtuber dopatwo excellently illustrates.

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The video begins the way many matches against an enemy Hammond do, with the little furball rolling around on the point while your team fires helplessly at him.

Ana comes in and sleep darts him, but Lucio, being Lucio, can’t help himself and wakes the hamster up a little early.

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After taking care of Soldier, the McCree comes in for a hilarious segment that has an Indiana Jones reference and a Super Smash Brothers reference within five seconds of each other.


Next, it’s Reinhardt’s turn to charge Hammond, which dopatwo turns into a fantastic reference to Katamari Damacy, a game where you roll around and pick stuff up as a giant ball.

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There are so many good things in this video, from dopatwo’s unique art style to the hilarious use of actual in-game voice lines, it’s almost an instant classic.

Dopatwo has created a ton of these ‘Enemy’ Overwatch videos, and it will be interesting to see what hero they choose to lampoon next.