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This fan-made Torbjörn Overwatch animation seems a little fishy

Published: 16/Oct/2018 18:52 Updated: 10/Jan/2021 2:34

by Bill Cooney


One of Overwatch fan and artist Catalyst’s latest animations on Twitter takes Torbjörn and reimagines him as a fisherman in the great white north.

The animation is a recreation of Torbjörn’s “Refreshing” highlight intro, except instead of gulping down some piping hot liquid metal, he’s throwing back a bucket of some freshly caught fish.

He’s been given a new skin as well, complete with yellow fisherman rubbers, goggles, and a hook, which looks to be snagged from Roadhog’s Ice Fisherman skin, but fits in here so well you can hardly tell.

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After tearing through all those fish, Torb lets one rip and belches a bit, sending fish flying and putting the cherry on top of this amazing fan animation.

Catalyst joined Twitter at the beginning of October and has been sharing his impressive Overwatch creations ever since – including one that’s as funny as it is hypnotizing of Torbjoörn repeatedly tossing Hammond. 

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Hopefully Catalyst continues to make his entertaining Overwatch art to share with the community because Torbjörn burping up those fish is hilarious.

There’s been a ton of great Overwatch art created in October due to the underlying feeling of spookiness, and although this Torbjörn animation may not be scary it is one of the funniest fan creations ever.