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These voice lines could hint at an upcoming new Overwatch mode

Published: 23/Oct/2018 21:55 Updated: 23/Oct/2018 22:09

by Bill Cooney


New, still unused voice lines that feature heroes talking about a destructible payload were posted in a video by the Overfire Youtube channel and could indicate a new, still unannounced game mode coming to Overwatch.

The voice lines in the video include heroes like Widowmaker, saying “Destroy the objective,” and Sombra calling out “The objective’s getting hit, someone’s not doing their job.”

Veronica from Overfire, who narrates the video, explains that there is no current game mode where players can destroy the objective – yes, the door from Junkenstein’s revenge and the payload from Uprising can be destroyed, but not by players.


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These examples also have voice lines of their own, like when Soldier tells teammates “The door has been damaged,” during Junkenstein’s revenge.

New heroes, like Moira, Brigitte, and Hammond, also have voice lines that talk about destroying an objective, why would Blizzard keep adding these lines for new heroes if they were just going to be deleted?

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The video ends with speculation that a new game mode could be coming soon, because the Overwatch Developers have been unusually quiet and short on updates in recent months, which means they could be working on something big, like a new game mode.


With BlizzCon right around the corner and rumors about new Overwatch content flying around everywhere, it seems this video might be on to something.