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The Newest Overwatch Map Busan is Now Playable in Live Servers

Published: 12/Sep/2018 2:49

by Joe O'Brien


The latest Overwatch map, Busan, is now available in the live game.

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Busan was part of the swathe of D.Va-related content announced alongside the latest Overwatch Animated short, ‘Shooting Star’ featuring the South Korean hero. Its full release follows shortly after the conclusion of the Nano Cola Challenge, which ended on September 9.

As is evident from the from its name, the map is set in the South Korean city of Busan, albeit a version as imagined by Blizzard for the futuristic world of Overwatch. Though the map is named for the city, only one of the three control points features a metropolitan setting, with the other two taking place in a traditional-looking “Mystical Shrine” and D.Va’s MEKA base, as seen in ‘Shooting Star’.


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Busan was announced on August 22 and hit the Public Test Realm immediately, where players have been providing the final wave of testing before the map’s release.

The map has now made the jump to the live servers with the latest patch. As with some previous new maps, a playlist featuring only the new map is available, but Busan won’t hit Competitive Play immediately, allowing competitive players time to get accustomed to it before playing it in meaningful games.

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Busan is the seventh map to join the standard playlist since the release of Overwatch, and the second in the Control game mode. A variety of other maps for different game modes in the arcade have also been added since release.