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The First Details of Overwatch’s Upcoming Torbjörn Overhaul Have Been Revealed

Published: 21/Jul/2018 1:36 Updated: 17/Jan/2021 23:59

by Joe O'Brien


The first details of the nature of the upcoming Torbjörn rework have been revealed.

A Torbjörn overhaul has been on the cards for several months, but an interview of lead developer Geoff Goodman by vg247 has now revealed some of the first details of what exactly that overhaul might entail.

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Goodman highlights the problems with Torbjörn’s current form primarily being his extremely limited offensive capacity, and his reliance on his ultimate in order to really be a threat.

“You don’t get to use some of your abilities, your turret’s not as strong, it’s not as much of a threat without your ultimate ready to go.”

One of the major changes that Blizzard seems to have settled on to help solve this problem is in the deployment of Torbjörn’s turrets. Currently, they require placing and then hammering on for several seconds in order to build up, making the mere deployment of this vital element of Torbjorn’s kit incredibly costly in time and attention.


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Instead, the current rework build allows Torbjörn to toss turrets out, in a similar manner to how Tracer’s Pulse Bomb is thrown, at which point they will build themselves up to level two, leaving Torbjörn free to engage in the game without being tied to building turrets manually.

Blizzard is also experimenting with changes to Molten Core, Torbjörn’s current ultimate ability. Goodman states that it’s possible the ability will return in a weakened form as a regular ability, but that Molten Core might simply be replaced entirely.

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Torbjörn is the latest in a series of major hero reworks, as Blizzard attempts to bring various heroes back in line with a game that is constantly being adjusted and has changed significantly since its original release over two years ago. Symmetra is the latest hero to get the full treatment, but some significant Sombra changes are also about to hit the live servers.