The final bonus round of Junkenstein’s Revenge looks absolutely ridiculous - Dexerto

The final bonus round of Junkenstein’s Revenge looks absolutely ridiculous

Published: 10/Oct/2018 21:55 Updated: 10/Oct/2018 22:11

by Bill Cooney


The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is in full swing, and one player has posted a video to Reddit showing the madness that is the final bonus round of Junkenstein’s Revenge.

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The video, posted to Reddit by Woeful_Jesse shows just how difficult the final round of the PvE event is, and it isn’t for the faint of heart.

There are countless enemy bosses spawned and it seems like a hopeless fight for the defenders of the castle, but the team in the video seems to be doing alright, all things considered.

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The bonus rounds are only available in the Junkenstein’s Revenge endless mode where players face twelve waves of Zomnics and bosses, followed by 15 bonus waves of increasing difficulty.


The video ends before we get to see whether or not this team is able to pull themselves out of this considerable hole and get a win, but crazier things have been done in Overwatch before.

via Gfycat

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Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event started on October 9 and runs through the end of the month on October 31, plenty of time to try and beat Junkenstein’s Revenge Endless for those enterprising players.

In addition to the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge, There are 9 new hero skins and a ton of cool cosmetics to collect during Overwatch’s Halloween celebration.