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The Brawl Schedule for the Final Week of Overwatch Anniversary

Published: 6/Jun/2018 0:47 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 15:33

by Joe O'Brien


The Overwatch Anniversary in-game event has entered its final week.

The event celebrating two years since the full release of Overwatch kicked off on May 22nd, but its conclusion on June 11th now draws near.

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The event introduced a variety of content, both old and new. As always with an in-game event, new skins were added to the game, while Anniversary also brought a brand-new Deathmatch map, Petra, along with a ranked competitive playlist for Deathmatch.

In addition to the new content, Anniversary also brought back the highlights of the last two years. Previous event skins, usually only available once per year with their respective events, were included in Anniversary loot boxes, while the Brawls of former events were also reintroduced.


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During the event, players have been able to experience everything from Lúcioball to Retribution – but only one at a time. The Brawls have been cycled daily, with each day bringing a particular Brawl and sometimes a particular variant, such as all-heroes mode.

For players looking to enjoy their favorite Brawl one last time in the final week of the event (assuming they’re lucky enough for it to be in the week’s rotation), Blizzard has released a schedule for the week’s Brawls.

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The following Brawls will make up the final week of Overwatch Anniversary:


  • June 5th — Snowball Offensive
  • June 6th — Yeti Hunt
  • June 7th — Uprising
  • June 8th — Retribution
  • June 9th — Lúcioball
  • June 10th — Junkenstein Endless
  • June 11th — Snowball Offensive