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Symmetra’s New Teleporter Isn’t the Only Ability with Creative Possibilities

Published: 9/Jun/2018 4:58 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:04

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has found an extra defensive ability of sorts hidden within Symmetra’s new kit.

Players are still experimenting to figure out exactly what the new Symmetra is capable of. In many cases, it’s a question of synergizing with team-mates for teleporter plays – depositing a self-destructing D.Va in the back lines, or placing a charging Reinhardt behind his opposite number – but Symmetra’s new tricks don’t all rely on other players.

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One of the other big changes to Symmetra was in the way her turrets are deployed. No longer do they have to be placed directly, they now act as projectiles that attach to the first surface they come into contact with.

As redditor u/andygmb demonstrates, however, that’s not the only function they have. Symmetra’s new turrets also now act as a barrier against multiple abilities and attacks. 

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In effect, with the right game sense and reactions, Symmetra players also have a defensive ability built-in to their turrets, and it’s not difficult to imagine how this could be utilized by very skilled players to block key abilities mid-fight, both personally and potentially even for team-mates.

It’s becoming clear that Symmetra will be hero whose skill ceiling will very much be determined by smarts more than mechanics. The range of possibilities for the hero in the hands of a master looks exciting, although it might be some time before the Overwatch League players will be able to show it off in competition, with it already having been confirmed that the new Symmetra will be disabled for the playoffs.