Streamer's massive Lucio boop gets shut down by Halloween Terror prop - Dexerto

Streamer’s massive Lucio boop gets shut down by Halloween Terror prop

Published: 22/Oct/2018 19:50 Updated: 22/Oct/2018 21:47

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event has given several of the classic Overwatch maps a spooky makeover, but popular streamer ‘AimbotCalvin’ discovered that some of the decorations can get in the way of booping people off the map with Lucio.

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Attacking on Eichenwalde, Calvin is zooming around the map as Lucio and sees an opportunity for a massive boop to knock a number of enemies off of the map.

He flies in and hits the shot perfectly, but instead of flying off the map and giving Calvin Play of the Game, his enemies harmlessly hit the temporary fence added for the Halloween Terror event and stay safe.


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As he hits the boop, Calvin realizes he won’t be getting a huge play and exclaims “holy shit!” while he watches his enemies hit the fence and bounce off.

The spooky Halloween skins for Overwatch’s levels have been well received by fans, but this is one of the first examples of a Halloween decoration getting in the way of the game itself.

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Calvin didn’t immediately comment on the incident in the clip, but his silence after having such a beautiful boop denied really says it all.

Overwatch’s Halloween terror event runs through the end of the month and ends on October 31, hopefully no other players run into new obstacles during games before then.