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Strange Overwatch glitch ruins one of Torbjorn’s best turret spots

Published: 11/Feb/2021 11:02

by Lauren Bergin


One of the most important things about playing Torbjorn in Overwatch is learning where best to place his turrets. An interesting glitch, however, ruins one of the best Torbjorn turret placements on Hollywood. 

Any Overwatch player will admit that Torbjorn can be a nuisance to deal with. Between his Molten Core Ultimate and Overload armor, it’s a nightmare to take the tiny Swede down.

The main issue with Torbjorn, however, is his Deploy Turret. Those little robots of doom can make or break any Overwatch team fight, especially if they’re positioned right. It doesn’t help that he can heal them back to full health either.


However, unlike the glitch that’s made fellow DPS Bastion unstoppable, one player has discovered a mechanic error with the infamous turrets on Hollywood.

Torbjorn on Temple
Blizzard Entertainment
Fans have a love/hate relationship with Torbjorn’s turrets.

Torbjorn Deploy Turret bug

As seen in a Reddit post on February 11, one Torb main has discovered a weird complication when trying to place Torbjorn’s turret on one of Hollywood’s rooftops.

The rooftop across from the bank in the second Western-themed area is prime position for a devastating turret. However, as this glitch shows, placing the turret right on the corner of the building is making it, well, bounce.

As you can imagine, this isn’t ideal. Placing turrets on a corner is the perfect way to mow down the enemy team as they charge through choke points, so this issue renders that strategy entirely useless.


Torb turret gitch on hollywood from r/Overwatch

Hollywood turret glitch is game-breaking

Is this glitch really that serious though? Considering the payload is escorted through the winding streets below this location, the enemy team will be grouped up as one trying to ensure its progress.

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This, in turn, makes it the perfect place to drop a turret and watch the world burn. Being unable to do that places Torbjorn mains at a bit of a disadvantage, because unless you’re hoping to use the bouncing turret as some sort of shield you’re in trouble.

Hopefully, Blizzard implement a fix for this soon, especially because the Swedish hero already has a pretty abysmal pick rate. Sure we probably don’t miss ‘molten correeee’ being shouted during our games, but it isn’t fair on poor old Torb.