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Strange Overwatch bug is giving Bronze players Top 500 competitive rewards

Published: 29/Apr/2021 18:58

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players have been getting Top 500 rewards despite finishing as low as Bronze, thanks to a new bug that has surfaced.

Placing Top 500 in Overwatch can be a pretty big accomplishment, especially when factoring in how active the game remains to this day. Being able to say you’ve made the elite list of the game’s highest-ranked players is nothing to scoff at.

Many Overwatch players can go through quite a few seasons without ever unlocking Top 500 icons, sprays and other in-game rewards – but now, those rewards are showing up in their accounts without ever being properly earned.

As reported by users on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit, a player revealed that his cousin, who only finished in Bronze with 1270 SR, managed to receive the Top 500 icon and spray.


Ashe leads the charge on Rialto
Blizzard Entertainment
Players have been getting rewards despite finishing in Bronze.

“Has anyone else experienced this? He didn’t even play 50 games, so it couldn’t even be close to legit?” the user asked.

In the comments, one player seemed to have the answer: “They switched the icons/sprays by accident. If you look in your player icons, it has the competitor icon locked, and the competitor spray is locked in the hero gallery.”

Elsewhere, on the main Overwatch Reddit, a player posted a screenshot of their end of season rewards – and despite being only in Platinum, they, too, managed to earn the spay and player icon.

Top 500 Rewards Without Top 500 SR. Anyone have any clue what happened here? from Overwatch

Others in the thread confirmed that they were also able to get the rewards. “Upon getting up this morning and chatting with friends, confirmed even Bronze players got it,” the poster remarked. “Didn’t get the generic 500 icon, and f***ing nobody has the competitor stuff. This is wild lol.”


So far, Blizzard hasn’t addressed this bug, and it’s unclear if it will be fixed any time soon. In any case, it seems a bit wild that players as low as Bronze can earn the highest rewards the game has to offer, but it will be interesting to see if they end up being pulled from those profiles.

Until then, however, players can enjoy the icons while they can.