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Soldier 76 becomes stunning Overwatch acrobat in hilarious emote glitch

Published: 4/Jan/2021 5:05

by Brad Norton


Overwatch bugs don’t often come as amusing as this new Soldier 76 issue that’s giving old man Morrison a spring in his step and allowing him to copy emotes from other, more flexible, characters.

Glitches in Overwatch are typically more frustrating than anything else. Whether they’re leaving players trapped in some awkward geometry or outright teleporting you from one spot on the map to another.

However, there are times when glitches can actually be positive. Some have seen teams literally climbing to different maps, for instance, in a real buggy bonding experience. The latest issue falls into that category and gave an entire team a moment of laughter during a recent match on Hollywood.


Despite being one of the older characters in Overwatch, an amusing bug is giving Solider 76 a new source of energy in the most ridiculous way possible.

Overwatch Echo gameplay
Echo can copy other heroes but now she’s got a taste of her own medicine thanks to Soldier.

Each and every hero in Blizzard’s FPS title comes with their own set of emotes. These unlockable cosmetics don’t have any impact on the gameplay itself, other than to mock enemies or make your team laugh.

Soldier 76 has his emotes grounded in reality, being the hardened veteran that he is. Though this glitch throws his set of poses out the window, replacing them with Echo’s high-flying and otherworldly movements.

Every player on the team gathered around to watch Soldier twirl through the air like never before. A dozen spins in the blink of an eye and even a backflip thrown in for good measure. It’s safe to say Morrison has never been quite this nimble before.


There’s no telling how the bug occurred before the match kicked off, but it was enough of a spectacle to draw everyone’s attention until the enemy arrived.

Soldier shows his moves from Overwatch

Oddly enough, there were no recorded voice lines of any kind coming from the other player, so there’s no telling if they had Echo’s full personality to go with the hilarious movement, or just the shock dance moves.

There’s a good reason why emotes are locked to individual characters — Soldier 76 just proved that — but if we could pick from any combination, seeing Roadhog pull off Lucio’s Capoeira emote would be at the top of our list without question.