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Sneaky Hammonds are teaching Overwatch players a valuable lesson

Published: 2/May/2020 23:54

by Theo Salaun


Recent crafty plays from Wrecking Balls in Overwatch have been teaching the community to make sure to keep an eye on the payload. 

It’s 2AM – do you know where your payload is? Some recent highlights have cemented one of Overwatch’s most critical, eternal truths: you must pay attention to the objective.

There is a history of Overwatch players, casuals, and professionals alike, letting their silly bones get the best of them in order to thirst kills and ignore the objective. Known as the “C9,” Cloud9 brought the issue to light back in 2017 by losing three maps because they left the point while winning a fight.


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Now the issue is returning to prominence, thanks to Reddit Wrecking Balls who are sharing their educational clips online.

In the first instance, ‘MuskyBollocks’ takes a flank as Hammond while attacking Eichenwalde’s first point, and proceeds to casually sit his round self on the edge of the point as the rest of his team faces their foes five on six.

The defending team gets three picks during the back cap, but his team is able to get a couple picks of their own, as well as a resurrection, courtesy of Mercy. But, ultimately, none of that combat mattered because no defender realizes their point is being taken and MuskyBollocks’ team gets to take hold of the payload for free.


2AM Overwatch is just magical… from Overwatch

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In a much more egregious example, ‘legeri’ proves that the 2AM Hammond curse is real by hanging out, and pushing the payload in Havana while his team loses a fight.

With every attacker but the tank dead, all five defenders decide to walk away from the payload in order to presumptively spawn-camp the attacking team. Unfortunately for them, the coy hamster then caps the point right behind their backs.

Fortunately for the rest of us, there is a lesson in their momentary loss and we can all learn from these two clips. 

Inspired by the other 2AM Hammond backcap from Overwatch

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Amassing kills is fun, but winning is funner. Gaining advantages in team fights is crucial to Overwatch success, but is for naught if you ignore the objective.


Whether that objective is a capture point or a payload, let’s all remember the cardinal rule: keep an eye on the prize, especially if hamsters are around.