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Simple Overwatch skin redesign turns Ana into Squid Game characters

Published: 4/Oct/2021 23:49

by Michael Gwilliam


An Overwatch player has come up with an incredibly simple, yet ingenious way to add Squid Game content into Blizzard’s hero shooter by redesign one of Ana’s skins.

Squid Game has taken the internet and the world by storm. In just one week, the South Korean drama has become one of the most-watched Netflix shows of all time and with good reason.

The show features some stand-out performances, gripping plots, characters and deadly “challenges” that are sure to make some viewers’ skin crawl.

Now, given the show’s success, Overwatch fan meme_review_hoster posted their brilliant redesign of Ana’s Shrike skin to match some of the characters on Squid Game.


Ana Squid Game skins from Overwatch

While the normal Shrike skin features a triangle design of sorts on her mask, a simple change gives her both a circle and square, completing the look of the “workers” directly putting on the deadly games.

These background characters are similar to Stormtroopers found in Star Wars in that they serve as grunts of sorts to the bigger antagonists, but their designs have already been a big hit with audiences.

Fans of Overwatch and Squid Game were impressed with the idea, but some noted that it would be much better if Ana’s outfit was pink, just like the squares, triangles and circles on the show.


Squid Game triangle character
Ana could easily pass for one of the Squid Game enforcers.

“That’s some terrifying Ana, just like that show,” a fan wrote.

“This would be awesome!” another said.

Considering Overwatch and Squid Game’s popularity in South Korea, it wouldn’t be exactly out of the realm of possibility for Blizzard and Netflix to work out a deal and see this skin really get added to the game.

With Overwatch 2 rumored to be released before Summer 2022, hopefully we see a skin similar to this once the game finally launches.