Shroud is already dominating Overwatch with his Hanzo play - Dexerto

Shroud is already dominating Overwatch with his Hanzo play

Published: 3/Aug/2019 21:06 Updated: 3/Aug/2019 21:11

by Bill Cooney


Twitch star Overwatch, but he seems to already be getting the hang of Hanzo pretty well.

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Shroud made a name for himself as a professional CS:GO player before streaming, so he definitely knows his way around most first person shooters.

Overwatch isn’t most FPS games though, but it still didn’t take long for shroud to find his true form in Blizzard’s futuristic MOBA.

BlizzardOverwatch can take a little getting used to for most people.
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Shroud’s gonna shroud

As a former professional gamer, shroud is going to start doing shroud things sooner or later most of the time and Overwatch is no different.

The streamer seems to have found his niche with Hanzo, a hero that fitsthe player’s frag-heavy style quite well.


Hanzo and Shroud seem to be a natural fit.
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While defending on Numbani, shroud managed to be a major headache for the attacking team, with an impressive play filled with some clutch headshots.

None of this would have happened without his healers keeping him alive though, which makes support players the real star of this clip.

Still, clutch healing isn’t exciting as scoring critical hits, which is probably why shroud decided not to go down the support hero route.

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What’s shroud’s Overwatch rank?

The streamer hit Diamond rank after only a few weeks of playing the game so he’s obviously getting the hang of things pretty well.

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Diamond puts shroud only a few ranks away from Grandmaster, but it remains to be seen whether he sticks with the game that long on stream.


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No matter how long he decides to keep playing Overwatch, it is entertaining to watch shroud do his thing in the game.