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Should Overwatch get rid of 2CP maps?

Published: 27/Jul/2019 23:30 Updated: 28/Jul/2019 0:02

by Bill Cooney


It’s no secret that 2CP (Control Point) maps are some of the most unpopular in Overwatch, so should Blizzard do something about it?

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From Volskaya to Paris, a lot of Overwatch players just don’t seem to be very fond of Overwatch’s Control Point maps.

Playing 2CP can feel like running into a brick wall over and over again while trying to take either point if your team isn’t completely on the same page, so it’s no surprise some players want to see something done.

Blizzard EntertainmentWho doesn’t love Paris? A lot of people as it turns out.
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3CP… is that legal?

YouTuber TeKo came up with an interesting solution to players 2CP woes: simply turn them into 3CP maps instead.


The basic idea is that this would allow more time for the defenders to regroup and defend, as well as reduce the amount of time it takes to get from spawn to the point for attackers.

Blizzard EntertainmentWhy not have three points on Hanamura?
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Obviously, Blizzard designed Overwatch’s 2CP maps with the Control Point game mode in mind, and most probably wouldn’t be suited for 3CP.

TeKo admits this would be a problem, but with a few simple changes, he thinks maps like Hanamura and Horizon Lunar Colony could be converted to three checkpoints.

Let’s be honest: Blizzard probably won’t be revamping 2CP to 3CP anytime soon (or ever), but with the magic of the Overwatch Workshop, you can make your very own 3CP maps and try the concept out right now.


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Other Overwatch changes?

The very short-lived Moira buff that allowed her to escape virtually any stun was quickly taken away by Blizzard after players showed that it basically made her into an almost unkillable ghost.

The Moira update came out on the same patch that introduced Sigma to the PTR, and you better believe Overwatch players have plenty of suggestions on how to improve the newest tank hero.

Blizzard EntertainmentEveryone’s talking about Sigma (and his feet) these days.
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With role lock already in Overwatch League and on the PTR along with Sigma, there are plenty of new things for players to try out and offer their two cents on.