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Shanghai Dragons’ Ado Shows Off His Skill With Insane Genji Play

Published: 28/May/2018 22:08 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 13:00

by Joe O'Brien


Shanghai Dragons DPS Chon ‘Ado’ Gi-hyeon pulled off an insane ultimate with Genji while streaming ranked play.

Ado showed off the skill that isn’t often given a chance to shine in the Overwatch League with an incredible five-kill dragon-blade.

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To say Shanghai Dragons has been the weakest team in the Overwatch League is something of an understatement – as the regular season approaches its conclusion, the team is still without a single series win across the entire league.

Ado was one of five players brought in during the mid-season signing window in an attempt to reinvigorate the squad. While the team has arguably looked better in-game, the new additions haven’t been able to deliver a win yet, with only six chances remaining in the season.


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Even amid such terrible results, however, it’s hard to argue that there aren’t bright spots on the Dragons roster in terms of individual skill. The team’s performance hasn’t given many opportunities for its players to shine, but that doesn’t mean they’re without talent.

Ado showed off what he’s capable of against lesser players in a ranked game during a recent stream. A flawless dragon-blade on Anubis point B allowed him to clean up five enemies, dashing perfectly between each.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also note Ado’s stats in the game – over 10,000 damage and a massive 42 kills show that this wasn’t just a moment of isolated brilliance.