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Reddit wants to see an Overwatch Developer’s face added to the game

Published: 4/Oct/2018 18:02 Updated: 4/Oct/2018 19:28

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan is a familiar sight to the community, whether at BlizzCon or in a developer update, and now some Reddit users say they want to see him in game as well.

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The Reddit post by Torbdor asks users to support his so-called petition to get a Jeff spray based on his developer updates in the game, “This is like a must and don’t know why it’s not on here already.”

Other Reddit users seem enthusiastic about the idea, with the post racking up more than 3,000 upvotes and multiple comments suggesting what kind of Jeff sprays to include and how they could be used in the most hilarious ways.


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One user in the comments even suggests different kind of Jeff sprays, including a standard Jeff, pixel Jeff, cute Jeff, bearded Jeff, and even a shocked Jeff using the face from the recent Overwatch Lego teaser.

Kaplan is a familiar face to most Overwatch players from his Developer Updates on the game through the years, but Blizzard has also played with Kaplan as a meme, like during Christmas when they live streamed him sitting in front of a Yule Log for hours.

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The Overwatch Team has shown willingness to put in sprays based on community suggestion, like the Reaper shrugging spray, which was a meme before it made it into the game itself.


If Overwatch wants to add Kaplan’s mug to the game, BlizzCon, happening November 2-3, would be the perfect place to reveal this hilarious gift to the Overwatch community.