Philadelphia Fusion's EQO thinks "the only reason Doomfist is good is because people are bad" - Dexerto

Philadelphia Fusion’s EQO thinks “the only reason Doomfist is good is because people are bad”

Published: 10/Oct/2018 18:05 Updated: 10/Oct/2018 18:08

by Joe O'Brien


Philadelphia Fusion’s Josue ‘EQO’ Corona had some choice words about the current state of Overwatch hero Doomfist during a recent stream.

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EQO was not only hailed by many as the strongest western DPS player for his Overwatch League Season One performance, but is also renowned for his exceptionally deep effective hero pool, making him one of the most qualified players in the world to judge the relative strengths of DPS heroes.

Unfortunately for Doomfist fans, however, it doesn’t seem like EQO will be incorporating the hero into his extensive pool any time soon. During a recent stream, the Fusion DPS star made his thoughts on Doomfist’s current state very clear.


“The only reason Doomfist is good is because people are bad. Doomfist is actually a fucking trash character against organized teams or people who are aware of him,” EQO said, “even a Lúcio can contest you as Doomfist.”

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Doomfist was the fourth hero to be added after Overwatch’s release, and arguably the most highly-anticipated. Having been teased since the very start – with Doomfist’s gauntlet appearing in the original cinematic trailer for the game – many Overwatch players hoped for Doomfist with every new hero until he finally appeared.

Doomfist saw very limited play in Season One of the Overwatch League, mostly appearing only as a desperation pick for stalling in the final seconds of a game. LA Gladiators’ João Pedro ‘Hydration’ Goes Telles notably played the hero as a legitimate option in his hero pool, but for the most part Doomfist never appeared in the prevailing meta.