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Phase Two of Voting for Overwatch World Cup National Committees Has Begun

Published: 24/May/2018 22:46 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 16:00

by Joe O'Brien


The second phase of voting for national representatives for the 2018 Overwatch World Cup has begun.

The Overwatch World Cup will once again see national teams put together to compete for the title, with the final showdown happening at Blizzcon in November.

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The qualifying teams have already been decided. The competitive ranks of the top-ranked players in each country were averaged at the end of the qualification period, with the twenty countries that had the highest average rank qualifying for the tournament, along with the four host nations of the group stages.

With twenty-four countries confirmed for the competition, national teams now have to be created. First, a national committee featuring a Coach, Manager, and Community Lead will be put together, with the national committee selecting the squad.


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Of those three positions, the Manager for each country will be selected by Blizzard, but the Coach and Community Lead will be chosen by a voting process. The process began with candidates putting forward their names, with players endorsing their preferred candidates in their respective nation.

The process has now moved onto Phase Two, in which initial applicants have been narrowed down. Only three potential Coaches and ten potential Community Leads remain for each country, and players can now vote again to decide the final representatives.

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The voting restrictions are the same as in Phase One – anybody can vote for a Community Lead candidate in their country, but only the top 150 players from that country can vote on the Coach.


Voting will run until May 30th at 9:30am PDT, and the full national committees will be announced on May 31st. Players can go to the World Cup website to cast their votes.