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Overwatch’s Hanamura map has been recreated in Valheim and it’s amazing

Published: 15/Jun/2021 13:15

by James Busby


Overwatch’s Hanamura map is one of the most iconic locations in the game and a group of players’ have faithfully recreated it in Valheim. 

The beautifully picturesque village of Hanamura is known for its idyllic temple grounds and pretty cherry blossoms. Despite its natural beauty, Hanamura is known to be the ancestral home of the Shimada clan – an ancient crime organization that carries its tasks out with both honor and integrity. While the Shimada’s ancestral home now lies empty, the grandiose temple still stands strong. 

The majority of Overwatch’s maps have a modern look to them, with many incorporating futuristic themes and technology. Hanamura on the other hand has a more traditional aesthetic that is steeped in both history and tradition. It’s for this reason that a group of dedicated fans have recreated the game’s iconic location in the grizzled Viking world of Valheim


Fans faithfully recreate Hanamura in Valheim

Hanamura Overwatch
Iron Gate AB / ButterscotchPure4043
Hanamura looks absolutely stunning in Valheim.

Valheim is known for its robust building mechanics, which enable players to effortlessly create everything from their own Viking settlements to video game-inspired locations. In fact, one player even built Diablo’s Old Tristram town. There’s certainly no end to the creativity that is on offer in Valheim’s beautiful world.

However, a group of Overwatch fans have taken things a step further with their stunning recreation of Hanamura. “This collaboration project was built in a span of a month by a group of creative builders,” says ButterscotchPure4043. “ A huge amount of time and effort was invested in this build. This included searching for the ideal location, compiling reference images of Hanamura, and reproducing the iconic bell, gate, roofing, and courtyard.”


Hanamura Overwatch
Iron Gate AB / ButterscotchPure4043
The only thing missing here is a cameo from Genji and Hanzo.

It’s certainly not an easy feat but it looks like Nano, Miraboo, Infi, and MissYee’s hard work has paid off. Not only have they faithfully recreated everything that makes Hanamura so special, but they have also given it a Valheim twist. In fact, the ancient Japanese temple looks like it was added as part of a dedicated Japanese-themed expansion. 

While Hanzo and Genji won’t be clashing swords here, the stunning temple and its grounds will make a great home for any tired Viking adventurers.