Overwatch YouTuber tries out Ashe in this hilarious video - Dexerto

Overwatch YouTuber tries out Ashe in this hilarious video

Published: 8/Nov/2018 22:02 Updated: 8/Nov/2018 22:22

by Bill Cooney


The Overwatch community has had Ashe fever ever since the new hero was released to the PTR, and a new video from Overwatch Youtuber ‘ThatPunchKid’ distills all the madness surrounding her into one hilarious video.

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The video starts out with the ending of the McCree cinematic, “Reunion”, but goes a bit further to show McCree crashing his hoverbike in one of ThatPunchKid’s infamous animations.

There are some in game highlights from PunchKid, punctuated with perfectly fitting sound effects, and he also decides to turn Ashe into an anime girl (a character known as Megumin) when she uses dynamite, for some reason.


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The funniest part of the video might be when ThatPunchKid lampoons his own search for images to use in his Youtube thumbnail from the darkest corners of Overwatch content on the internet.

They also compare Ashe to Team Fortress 2’s “Scout” character, who also had a shotgun that could push enemies and serve as a movement tool, like the new hero’s “Coach Gun”.

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ThatPunchKid makes a ton of hilarious Overwatch videos for Youtube pretty regularly, like this one after the new Torbjörn rework came out.

Definitely check out more of PunchKid’s videos, they’re all pretty great, and there’s sure to be more hilarious Ashe content coming soon.