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Overwatch unveils awesome new Pharah Halloween skin

Published: 6/Oct/2018 16:50 Updated: 6/Oct/2018 16:59

by Bill Cooney


The lead-up to the Halloween Terror event continues and Overwatch has teased another new cosmetic for fans, this time it’s Pharah with a legendary skin that’s so good it’s scary.

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The legendary skin, called “Enchanted Armor Pharah” looks perfect for Halloween. There’s a suit of armor, but no one inside, the different pieces seemingly held together by some magical force.

It’s the kind of armor you’d expect to see in a museum or in the background of a Scooby Doo cartoon, right before the bad guy uses it to chase Scooby and the gang around some ghost pirate mansion.


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With no one inside the armor, it means Pharah doesn’t have a head, which should make the skin look great in highlight intros and in game as well.

It would be awesome if this skin fell apart into a bunch of pieces like Bastion or Wrecking Ball when Pharah gets eliminated, but we’ll have to wait for the skin to be available in game to find out.

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Pharah already has a Halloween skin, but only an epic one, so this legendary should go over well with her fans and give them something to look forward to in this year’s event.


Overwatch’s Halloween Terror Event starts October 9 and runs through the end of the month. Skins revealed so far this year include Swamp Monster Doomfist, Banshee Moira, Spider Widowmaker and now Enchanted Armor Pharah.