Overwatch team executes epic stalling tactic during match on Dorado - Dexerto

Overwatch team executes epic stalling tactic during match on Dorado

Published: 23/Oct/2018 19:19 Updated: 23/Oct/2018 19:29

by Bill Cooney


Getting held right outside of spawn is one of the most frustrating things that can happen during a round of Overwatch, and this team trying to get past the defense of Anthony ‘harbleu’ Ballo and company must have been going crazy.

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Harbleu and his squad set up shop in the small room with two doors just outside of the first point, and the streamer told his teammates he’d never heard of this strategy before.

“Get inside Harblew, we’re not fighting, we’re stalling,” his teammates tell him just as the enemy team emerges from spawn.


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After the team’s Reinhardt dies, the Mei starts walling off both doors to the room to cover the team’s flanks, the opposing team gets so frustrated one of their players switches to Pharah in an attempt to drive Harbleu’s team out.

After holding in the room for about 10 seconds, Harbleu expresses his disbelief that the bold strategy seems to be paying off.

“Oh my God this is broken,” the streamer tells his teammates, “how did I not know about this?”

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We don’t know whether or not Harbleu’s team ended up winning the match, or if they managed to hold in that room the whole time, but what’s shown in the clip is impressive, as long as you’re not the attacking team.


There’s still a few days left in the current competitive Overwatch season, plenty of time for players to get a team together and try this strategy out for themselves.