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Overwatch “Steal the Crown” mode is perfect for improving Tracer play

Published: 13/May/2019 7:52 Updated: 13/May/2019 8:05

by Joe O'Brien


An epic Overwatch Workshop mode lets players practice their Tracer mechanics as they battle to steal and control the “crown”.

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The Overwatch Workshop has proven immensely popular with players, granting the ability to create hugely diverse new game modes without being bound by even the fundamental rules of the game.

Players have already used the Workshop to create all manner of game modes, from recreations of other titles like CS:GO to a variety of unique new modes, including playing two heroes at once and taking control of your fallen enemies.

The “Steal the Crown” mode by u/olipoulihot sees all players as Tracer as they race for control of a neutral objective, the “crown”. Holding the crown grants points over time, but the player with the crown is marked with a skull, becoming the target for all other players in the free-for-all.


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Blizzard EntertainmentThe Overwatch Workshop is currently available on the Public Test Realm (PTR).

Players use melee attacks to steal the crown, but the crown-holder can also use melee to fend off would-be thieves. Melee attacks can also be used to briefly stun other players chasing the crown to stop them from getting there first.

The mode also has some built-in measures to discourage tactics that are against the spirit of the game. If you jump off of the map in attempt to deny the crown to the players chasing you, for instance, you lose points. You will also lose the crown if you stay in one location for too long, preventing players from simply trying to fight off opponents from a position of power.


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The mode currently supports nine maps – Black Forest, Blizzard World, Castillo, Ecopoint: Antarctica, Eichenwalde, King’s Row, Necropolis, Paris, and Volskaya Industries. Those that want to try out the mode can do so with the share code 0X8N0.

Presenting “Steal the Crown”! My reverse tag gamemode! from r/Overwatch

This isn’t the first brand-new mode that u/olipoulihot has created, having previously shared a “McCree Hot Potato” mode, the objective for which is the opposite – to pass the “hot potato” off to other players before it burns you to death.

The Workshop is currently only available on the PTR, but will be available on all platforms once it moves to the live servers. Blizzard haven’t yet revealed when players can expect the move, although with the feature having been in public testing since April 24 it’s possible that it could go live fairly soon.