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Overwatch pro Sleepy investigates potential cheater after ridiculous Widowmaker kill

Published: 1/Oct/2018 15:55 Updated: 2/Oct/2018 14:00

by Ross Deason


Professional Overwatch player Nikola ‘sleepy’ Andrews decided to conduct an investigation into an opponent during a recent Twitch stream.

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The San Francisco Shock support player was streaming a match when he appeared to die ridiculously quickly, prompting him to exclaim “oh my god, 100 ping. I wasn’t even in the fucking doorway on my screen!”

The North American decided to see how much the ping had affected him by watching the kill cam, but all that this did was confuse him even more as his opponent appeared to prefire him before he even came around the corner.


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“Let’s see how far I am on his screen… Whoa- ex- wait! WHAT?!” the 20-year-old said, clearly astonished by what the Widowmaker player had done:

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The Widowmaker player didn’t appear to do anything particularly suspicious for the rest of the game, but sleepy decided to watch the questionable kill back in slow motion after it ended.

“I’m going to have to go ahead and say that I WASN’T EVEN ON HIS SCREEN,” sleep says as he watches. “Either he’s got the best reaction time in the world and he sees that tiny one pixel and shoots, or he’s cheating,” he concludes.


After taking some more time to reflect on the kill, and checking on the opponent’s statistics, sleepy conceded that it could have just been an incredibly lucky shot.

“Maybe it was just the shot of his life, I don’t fucking know. But that’s not even like a shot of your life, ‘cause usually a shot of your life is like an insane flick or some shit, but that wasn’t even an insane flick, it was just like ‘what the fuck is he shooting at?’ I don’t understand, like what made him shoot there?”

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What do you think? Was this a case of luck, a well-timed prediction, or something more sinister?


The mystery continues…