Overwatch pro makes game-winning play with nothing more than fancy footwork - Dexerto

Overwatch pro makes game-winning play with nothing more than fancy footwork

Published: 22/Oct/2018 17:12

by Joe O'Brien


British Hurricane’s Daniel “FunnyAstro” Hathaway took the term “support” to new heights with an unorthodox means of helping his team secure kills.

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The British Hurricane have recently been competing to reclaim a spot in Contenders EU by fighting through Contenders Trials.

The team’s most recent match, against Bazooka Puppiez, gave the Hurricane a chance to lock in their place for Season Three. Although they still have matches to play, the win – which they were able to secure – moved them to a 5-0 record, mathematically safe in the top four.

Having gone 2-0 up, the Hurricane were looking to close out the series on Hanamura. They had the chance to win the map by holding on the defensive side of the second point, but a frantic final battle saw Bazooka Puppiez on the brink of taking control of the point and potentially extending the map.


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With some quick improvisation, however, FunnyAstro was able to help turn the tide. After team-mate Hafþór ‘Hafficool’ Hákonarson set D.Va’s Self Destruct to go off, the enemy McCree and Zenyatta moved to hide around a corner when they quite literally ran into FunnyAstro’s Ana.

Quick footwork from the Hurricane Support prevented the Bazooka Puppiez from escaping in time, resulting in both falling to the explosion. With two key kills secured, British Hurricane swung the fight in their favor.

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The play came at a crucial moment, as not only did it allow the Hurricane to stabilize their defence, but it also sent the Bazooka Puppiez back to spawn with less than 30 seconds on the clock, securing the win as the Puppiez couldn’t return to the point in time.