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Overwatch players want a new golden skin for Wrecking Ball

Published: 9/Oct/2019 21:18 Updated: 9/Oct/2019 21:36

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players want more golden weapons added to the game and the latest effort seems to focus on Wrecking Ball.

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Golden weapons are some of the only prestige items available in Overwatch – they can only be unlocked with 3000 Competitive Points, which are awarded after Comp matches, and at the end of every season.

Overwatch players have successfully lobbied for Ashe’s sidekick/butler B.O.B. to be made gold along with her weapons, and now they have another hero in mind for an update.

Blizzard EntertainmentGolden B.O.B. was one of the greatest things the Overwatch community has ever accomplished.
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Overwatch players want to see Hammond’s golden mines

In a post on Reddit, user silverbullet42 asked why we haven’t seen Wrecking Ball’s Minefield ultimate in gold yet.


“If Ashe can have a completely gold B.O.B., then by god Wrecking Ball should have some gold proximity mines,” they proposed. “If you think for one second that a hyper-intelligent hamster with a sense of style and class would go to the trouble to trick out his quad cannons, you better f*cking believe that he would make his mines shiny too.”

Blizzard EntertainmentHammond’s mines are already cool, but what if they were gold?
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Adding golden mines would certainly add a bit of class to the ultimate, and would give all the Mercy players out there something shiny to look at before they fly into one and die immediately.

But, as with the golden B.O.B. debate, it raises the question of: if Wrecking Ball is given golden mines, where will it end?


For example, should we make Torb and Symmetra’s turrets gold as well? What about Orisa’s Supercharger, or any other part of a kit that a hero uses – why not give D.Va a gold mech while we’re at it?

Honestly, a golden D.Va Mech wouldn’t be a bad idea.
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Will golden Hammond mines ever happen?

The movement to give Wrecking Ball a golden ultimate doesn’t have the momentum that golden B.O.B. did, for now, but Ashe’s butler is an example that it is possible.

We’ve seen plenty of other suggestions for golden items in Overwatch come and go, so we’ll just have to wait and see how this one works out.


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If it is successful, and Wrecking Ball along with other heroes get more golden items, than Overwatch should just go ahead and add a map inside of Fort Knox to give fans all the gold they can handle.