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Overwatch players want concept art skins as Blizzard reveals early hero designs

Published: 9/Feb/2021 0:15

by Michael Gwilliam


With BlizzCon rapidly approaching, Overwatch has been celebrating 30 years of Blizzard Entertainment by showing off some concept art for heroes – and fans are begging the company to turn them into official skins.

Overwatch heroes go through plenty of design phases before making it to the game itself. There may be no better example of this than with Sombra’s early design, in which she had a completely different name and look.

Thanks to some recently-revealed artwork on Twitter, Overwatch showed how Sombra’s original name was Omniblade – a blue-haired Japanese woman with some spikey leggings and cool shoes.

“Sombra went through a drastic evolution from first concept to in-game hero,” Blizzard said in a tweet that featured some photos. “She was originally called Omniblade, a Japanese woman with a love of street fashion and throwing daggers.”


While the second photo looks more like an alternative look to the first, the third in the set is the closest to the Sombra we have today, albeit without the white hair and cloak.

Nonetheless, fans really want to see any of the three as new hero skins at some point. Popular Sombra streamer Fitzyhere asked, “Original concept skin when?” while quote tweeting the photos.

“I’d love to see this one as like a future Anniversary skin!” a user replied in the comments, referencing the original design.

“Could we get this as a skin tho?” another asked, referencing the design that looks closest to Sombra’s actual look.


Sombra wasn’t the only hero whose early concept art was posted, as the account also showcased some drafts of Mercy ‘s initial design and how she was originally a male character.

“We all know Angela Ziegler as Mercy, but before the creation of the character we know and love, Mercy took the concepted form of both male and female Valkyrie characters,” they explained.

Sombra hacking the system
Blizzard Entertainment
Sombra’s look changed a lot from her original design.

For this design too, many fans asked for it to come to the game in the form of a special skin, potentially for the Anniversary Event.

There’s no telling what Blizzard has in store, but hopefully, these original designs can make it to the actual game at some point. They would surely bring some new life to it, especially with Overwatch 2 not releasing until at least 2022.