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Overwatch players want CoD’s Domination mode added to Overwatch 2 as 3CP

Published: 1/Feb/2021 17:44

by Michael Gwilliam


If you’ve ever played a Call of Duty game, chances are you’re familiar with Domination and how it combines team deathmatch style gameplay with point-capture objectives. As it turns out, the mode works incredibly well in Overwatch and would be perfect for its upcoming sequel.

Overwatch only has four main competitive modes in the form of Escort, Hybrid, Control and Assault – the latter of which is often called “2CP” by the community. It is notorious for its emphasis on attacker coordination, which can be a nightmare for solo queue.

Now, as it turns out, 2CP can be greatly improved if it is combined with the King of the Hill approach of Control mixed in with team deathmatch.


YouTuber Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan showed off the Conquest mode, which was made in the Overwatch workshop, and how a bunch of streamers really enjoyed the community-crafted addition.

“I really think a 3CP gamemode could actually work in the Overwatch universe,” KarQ explained.

The rules are simple enough. Kills earn a single point, unless multiple points are captured, in which case they increase to two or three. The first team to reach 100 points wins.

The craziness really begins if one team manages to capture all three points, in which case they go on a “powerplay.” When this happens, the enemy team is visible through walls and they are unable to retake objectives.


Overwatch conquest mode settings
Conquest has its own unique settings.

This can lead to some insane score increases, but on the flip side, once the powerplay expires, all the points return to neutral, so it prevents snowballing.

So far in Overwatch’s lifespan, there have been special arcade modes that the devs haven’t felt would work well enough to join the competitive rotation, such as Capture the Flag and TDM, but Conquest may be the exception.

Overwatch Tracer King's Row
The mode seems balanced for all heroes, including Tracer.

It doesn’t seem like any one hero is overpowered in the mode and the balance keeps things from swinging out of control. As it stands, if the developers want another mode to launch alongside Overwatch 2, this could very well be a good option.


If you want to try it out for yourself, the workshop code is NNKWC. Get some friends together and queue to your heart’s content.