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Overwatch players rally behind Brigitte buffs ahead of Overwatch 2

Published: 28/Jun/2021 12:02

by Lauren Bergin


One of Overwatch’s most controversial heroes is Swedish tank support, Brigitte. Having undergone a slew of changes over the years, some players want her buffed back to her former self. 

If there’s a hero that’s undergone some extensive change during her Overwatch journey, it’s Brigitte.

Having divided fans since her introduction to the title’s roster, it appears that every alteration that Blizzard make to her will be met with outrage. Whether it’s a buff or nerf, sparks always fly.

However, her dedicated player base has rallied behind her to give the devs, and the wider community, a piece of their mind – they want Brig buffs, and they want them now.


Blizzard Entertainment
Despite her lovable personality, fans either love, hate, or love to hate Brigitte.

Overwatch fans want Brigitte buff

As Brigitte continues to find herself at the bottom of the support pool, fans have started debating what Blizzard can do to try and give her a fresh lick of paint.

Writing “does anybody else miss Brig 1.0? I just want to feel this satisfaction again,” a dedicated Reddit post has sparked an intense discussion around the adorable engineer.

Accruing 6.2k upvotes at the time of writing and sporting over 450 comments, it’s pretty clear that the “buff Brig” issue is a hot topic.

Does anybody else miss Brig 1.0? I just want to feel this satisfaction again. from Overwatch

One fan empathizes with the original poster but writes that “I miss her, but I understand why they’ve nerfed her so much. I feel like if she didn’t have Shield Bash, you could have bulky Brig again. But what would you even replace it with? Shield Bash just seems like the iconic part of her kit.”


Another player writes that they want her ability to provide another hero of her choice with armor to make a reappearance.  “250 HP. 700 health shield. Shield Bash on five-second cooldown and went through shields. Stun longer than it is now. Stun + whiplash + one M1 killed a Tracer. Armor from ultimate stayed forever. Yep!”

Clearly lamenting the devs decision to remove her armor abilities, several commenters recall that “it was a very unique part of her (and Torbjorn’s) kit too. Bummer it had to go,” with another noting “I guess giving armor at all was too OP.”

Finally, while one respondent calls the original Brig design “OPAF,” they confess that “Brig now live feels underpowered. I do think she could at least go back to 225 HP.”


Blizzard Entertainment
If we want to see Brig reappear at the heart of the fray, some serious changes are in order.

While it seems unlikely that Blizzard will ever be able to please everyone with future Brigitte changes, it seems like fans truly want her to become a viable option once again.

Fingers crossed that the Overwatch devs make some adjustments coming into the title’s sequel, otherwise, it’s unlikely that we’ll see anyone really rallying to Brigitte…