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Overwatch players have a big problem with Ashe’s new Deadlock skin

Published: 23/Jun/2021 15:45

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s resident cowgirl, Ashe, has finally gotten a dedicated challenge, but fans aren’t too impressed with her new Deadlock skin. 

One of Overwatch’s most beloved DPS characters is a sharpshooting rebel, Ashe. So, when Blizzard announced Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge would be the next limited-time event, fans were over the moon.

Deducing that the event skin would be based on the Deadlock Rebels novel, players were excited to finally be able to get their hands on a living (albeit virtual) piece of Overwatch lore.

When the skin was finally revealed on June 22, though, there’s one specific detail that has left some fans a little bit disappointed.


Overwatch Deadlock Rebels book
Blizzard Entertainment
Ashe’s new Deadlock skin hasn’t quite hit the spot for a lot of fans.

Overwatch’s new Ashe skin falls flat

Despite players thinking that the new skin would explode into the game with dynamite-style force, several fans have found the design a little lackluster.

Specifically, it’s her iconic white hair that’s causing the controversy. On the front of the Deadlock Rebels cover, Ashe’s hair is illustrated as being a cascading silvery waterfall, complete with gentle ripples.

In comparison, the in-game skin model has poker-straight hair, despite the Challenge’s limited-edition icon also having a slight wave. This has led to fans asking “where is her long hair?”

Responding to the disappointment, one fan has gone ahead and created an alternative version of the skin that is more accurate to the book’s cover, receiving almost 2k upvotes in the process.


Overwatch new ashe skin

For some players, the edit and actual skin are on an even playing field.

One fan posted: “Love your edit but her sleek look also is fire,” with another noting that, “I think the reason they went with the flatter hair is because a design similar to yours would mess up her silhouette too much and it would create a lot of confusion surrounding her hitbox.”

On the flip side, though, some players really aren’t pleased. One user writes that “I feel like Blizzard have been messing up hair that looked excellent on their original concept art for a couple of times now,” referencing the now-infamous Camouflage Mercy skin.


Another refers to her hair as looking like a “plastic bag,” while a final response claims that the youthful aspect of the skin is missing. “The 2D art does a good job of making her look younger but the 3D model appears just like regular Ashe with a different hairstyle.”

Whether you love it or hate it, though, it seems like we’d better get used to Blizzard’s rendering of the Deadlock Rebels cover skin. Either way, be sure to saddle up and get ready to ride into the gunfight!