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Overwatch players are discovering Sigma Easter Eggs all over

Published: 25/Jul/2019 0:32 Updated: 25/Jul/2019 0:36

by Bill Cooney


Sigma was only released to Overwatch’s PTR on Tuesday, July 23 but sharp-eyed players have already begun discovering his easter eggs in the game.

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Blizzard has moved pretty fast getting Sigma into Overwatch, with an origin story on July 23 and the hero’s PTR release the next day during a livestream with Seagull and Jeff Kaplan.

Overwatch players may have worked even faster at finding all the secrets and hidden clues associated with Sigma since his Origin story and PTR debut.

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Sigma was on Lijiang Tower all along

Almost right after Sigma’s origin story video was released by Blizzard, Reddit user Thiccwich posted a video that shows Hero 31 was hiding on Lijiang Tower’s Control Center map for who knows how long.


In the video, there’s a small module on the holographic space station that has rotating rings around it and, as one user pointed out in the comments, the same alarms that play in Sigma’s origin story if you get close enough.

It would make sense for Sigma to spend time on a space station, seeing as how he’s an astrophysicist and all.

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Singing with Sigma

It’s impossible to say who found this next one first, but Reddit user Anonomit provided video that shows Sigma has been initiated into the elite club of Overwatch heroes who can sing karaoke in Busan.


We would rate Sigma’s karaoke skills as slightly above McCree, but he’s got nothing on the likes of Reinhardt (the first Overwatch hero to be able to sing) and Zenyatta on the mic.

Sigma does have potential though, so he shouldn’t let this discourage him.

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An easter egg they’ll never see coming

Ok, so this next one may not technically be an ‘easter egg’ but it’s definitely cool enough to include on this list.

Reddit user Owlero shared a video of the destructive power Sigma’s Gravitic Flux ultimate on the Petra FFA map and it should probably convince you to at least try it out sometime.


When Sigma uses his ultimate on the area with breakable ground leading to a pit of doom, he can actually pull up most of the floor and send anyone he’s captured down into the darkness.

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Sigma’s only been out on the PTR for a couple of days, so it will be awesome to watch and see what kind of ultimate combos and strategies become popular with Overwatch’s newest tank.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll find out a few more secrets about Sigma on the way.